In the scripted world I work solo and with my writing partner Judy Newton. In both instances, the emphasis is on creating original projects. Pilot scripts that Judy and I have written have won numerous awards in screenwriting competitions, and one of our projects spent more than a year on the board at the headquarters of a premium cable channel, making it to the final three projects from which two were chosen. You know the rest.

Whether writing collaboratively or on my own, the focus is on diversity in the types of stories being told and in the characters represented within those stories. Projects range from historical to contemporary dramas and dramedies, primarily ome-hour with a few half-hour and shorter.

Judy and I are both authors and ex-journalists, meaning we are diligent reserachers and flexible writers, able to tackle new subjects and receptive to constructive criticism. We understand the business side of television, as well as the creative, and whether working together or independently, we work on telling stories that will engage audiences (and hence, make money).

We are represented by our manager, Brandon Drea, of Paper Plane Entertainment.


In 2018, I joined with my business partners Arthur Strout and Steve Cassarino to create TRIO TV, a content development company working in the nonfiction/reality television arena. We have a collborative deal with Jung Guns Entertainment, and through that company with the reality powerhouse Original Productions. Together we are developing a number of shows in the food, music and lifestyle categories for various broadcast, cable and streaming channels. TRIO is also involved in the creation and production of nationally distributed radio shows and podcasts.